Ingrown Nails


An ingrown toenail is a painful condition of the toe. Any toenail can become ingrown, but the condition is usually found in the big toe. It occurs when a sharp corner of the toenail digs into the skin at the end of or side of the toe.


Pain and inflammation at the spot where the nail digs into the skin occurs first. Later, the inflamed area can begin to grow tissue or drain yellowish fluid. Ingrown toenails are common in adults and children. Teenagers and young adults are most at risk. If left untreated, an ingrown toenail can progress to an infection or even an abscess that requires surgical treatment.


Treatment involves removing the offending nail border. Performed in our office, this procedure usually takes about ten minutes. The majority of the time, you will be able to leave our office wearing the shoes you wore to your appointment. Aftercare includes daily foot soaking and topical antibiotic treatment for approximately one week.


  • Trim your toenails straight across with no rounded corners
  • Ensure that your shoes and socks are not too tight
  • Keep your feet clean at all times