What is a podiatrist?

A podiatrist is an extensively trained physician that treats ailments of the foot and ankle. Dr. Patricia Antero specializes in the treatment of conditions affecting the foot, as well as expertly diagnosing, preventing, and healing various foot injuries. While many podiatric treatments are simple with minimal recovery, others may require surgery and may require some rehabilitation.

Our Tuscany Podiatry podiatrist can effectively treat any type of foot injuries you have sustained. These injuries may occur during intensive activity or exercise, from an accident, or just because of continual impact over time. By following the instructions of your Tuscany Podiatry Physician you will likely be able to recover from these injuries and continue enjoying your favorite activities.

What can a podiatrist do for me?

Tuscany Podiatry’s Physician has received extensive training in many different types of treatment for various injuries. Podiatrists can treat bunions, hammertoes, corns/calluses, foot or ankle fractures, soft tissue injuries, tumors, tendonitis, flat feet, heel spurs, ingrown nails, nail fungus, plantar warts, ulcers, wounds, infections, and much more.

When you have a significant foot injury, it can seriously interrupt your life. Dr. Patricia Antero, DPM has treated thousands of patients in Tuscaloosa County and surrounding areas, helping each individual heal from a specific foot injury or ailment.

Tuscany Podiatry provides a full-service clinic for patients by diagnosing and treating their conditions with technologically-advanced tests and treatment. Tuscany Podiatry provides a friendly, warm, and inviting office, a positive and caring staff, accurate diagnosis with review of your treatment options, and effective top-quality care.

When you need a foot doctor in Tuscaloosa, AL…

Tuscany Podiatry is here for you

For two decades, Tuscany Podiatry has been providing Tuscaloosa, AL, with exceptional podiatry services. We are the leading foot doctors in the area and know we can help you with your foot pain. Whether you suffer from bunions or hammertoe, our experts have the services to treat your feet.

Tuscany Podiatry is a family medical and surgical practice in Tuscaloosa, AL, that can help you with:

Reconstructive foot surgery

Women’s foot health

Ingrown Nails




Athlete’s Foot


Diabetic foot care

Wound Care

Toenail Fungus



Poor Circulation

Plantar Fascilitis

Our podiatrists understand how painful foot injuries can be and we work hard to take our time to properly evaluate your injury and give you the correct solution. When you work with Tuscany Podiatry in Tuscaloosa, AL, you will be involved in the decision making process and treatment plan from start to finish. We take our time to talk with every patient and we only recommend surgery if absolutely necessary.

If you’re ready to improve the health of your feet and you need an exceptional foot doctor, call Tuscany Podiatry at (205) 758-8809.  We provide services that can relieve your foot pain in Tuscaloosa, AL.